The issue of precision is the only challenge that the industrial flow measurement world must confront. Deviations from set parameters, even in the smallest ones, when dealing with critical liquids and gases may have substantial effects. The coriolis flow meters become the first choice of industries in this field mostly emphasizing the consideration of both dependability and adaptability for a wide range of challenging applications.

The Science Behind the Twist

The basic working principle of a Coriolis flow meter is the Coriolis effect. Envision a liquid that flows in a straight pipe but with vibrating tiny segments inside. The flow elicits the swirling motion of a corkscrew, which is almost similar to the twisting motion created by the corkscrew. This implies that the lower the carry rate, the less significant this curve is.

Advantages of Coriolis Flow Meters

Unmatched Accuracy

The measuring principle of the Coriolis flow meters is well recognized for its accuracy which is superior to other competitive products in the market. No matter what the fluid density, viscosity, or temperature of the fluid is in the flow line, the Coriolis flow meters are capable of providing precise flow meter readings in any application.

Direct Mass Flow Measurement

In contrast to the other kinds the Coriolis is the only device of the flow meters, that directly measures the mass flow, so there is no need for complex conversions.

Multi-Variable Measurement

This particular meter is also capable of simultaneous measurement of mass flow rate, density, as well as temperature in some models. Such performance will give invaluable information about the properties of the flowing fluid.

Wide Application Range

Coriolis flow meters can face a variety of fluids with viscosities like water and even solid slurries to highly viscous masses; They also respond to gas measurement.

Considerations When Choosing a Coriolis Flow Meter

Fluid Compatibility

The meter’s components, including materials and a specific blueprint, should be able to function well with the certainty of the specific fluid being measured.

Flow Rate Range

For the meters to handle the desired flow rates in your very system, select an appropriate meter.

Accuracy Requirements

A precision level that is suitable in your case is the main factor to consider due to the different levels of accuracy for Coriolis meters.


Coriolis flow meters, which are usually more expensive than other kinds of flow meters owing to their intricate technology, are the most widely used flow meter type.


Coriolis flow meters are an essential tool for process control in the case of highly demanding operations when the biggest accuracy and flexibility in flow measurement are expected. This feature allows them to not only measure flow in real time but also handle a variety of fluids such as viscous ones which necessitates an additional measurement of density. As a result, their value increases bringing maximum profits, particularly to the industries. Making optimal choices of your specific application and requirement in the flow meter line is the key factor to achieving the most accurate data collected and well control of your process.